Major Energy Industries

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Major Energy Industries

Major Energy Industries



Local electricity power supply system based on independent dispersed generation from the existing global electric power system


Solar/Wind Power Plants

Energy from the heat and light emitted from Sun / Energy transforming wind into eletricity using wind power turbine


ESS(Energy Storage System)

Storing energy by certain device or physical media in order to utilize such energy afterwards, generally single system storing hundreds of KWH of electricity


Waste Energy

Generating system using steam turbine which is generated from boiler by high temperature and combustioned gas


Fuel Cell

High efficiency and echo-friendly generating system producing electricty and chemical energy through eletrochemical reaction of Hydro and Oxygen.


Electric Vehicle

Chemical free vehicle using no fossil fuel and generating driving power by supplied electricity through electrical motor from high voltage battery


Gas Power Plants

Electricity generating method of high speed of rotatory power by pushing the stream through turbine after creating stream of high temperature and pressure by boiling water from the boiler with heat generated by burning gas.


Hydro Power Plants

Electricity generating method of transforming floating energy that water have in the stream, lake, etc. into mechanical energy and again transforming this into electric energy.