Technology Commercialization for CTO

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Technology Commercialization for CTO

Technology Commercialization for CTO

Technology commercialization service

‘Technology commercialization’ means to develop, produce and sell products or to improve related technology in the process. The Next Energy Corporation provides expert competency services of business modeling, excellent technology development and marketing strategy establishment in terms of whole field of tech-commercialization from market-friendly point of view.

The Purpose of R&D commercialization is to eliminate products and services which do not provide customers with any value and to develop value-adding technologies without any possible cost burden.
  • Cost Impact
    Exploration through R&D

    Evaluate what changes may bring to the business model if the most expensive factor was eliminated.

  • Change Exploration of
    Value Proposition through R&D

    Find out how to perform the process of elimination, creation, reduction and rise in value proposition through technology development.

    Need to analyze what king of changes are necessary to value-side and how they influence cost-side .

  • Exploring Customer
    Impact through R&D

    Analyze how cost-side changes through elimination, creation, reduction, rise toward customer side, channel, customers and relationship management, and source of earinings.

Next Energy Corporation brings out proper business models through reviewing the systematic changes of the value-side and the cost-side in the R&D commercialization process.
  • Business Model Canvas

    The elements of value-side, such as value proposition, customer segment, customer relationship and changes of channels have influences on resources, activities, partners and the cost structure.

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  • Blue-Ocean Strategy

    It means to eliminate services or features of products that do not provide customers with any value and to add services or the features that promote customer value without adding any high cost.

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  • Create A New Market

    If systematic changes between value-side and cost-side are accompanied, new market would be created by R&D.

To create new market, the systematic change between cost-side and value-side is necessary.
Therefore, technology commercialization service should set forth the purpose of change in both aspects.